simple mixed greens salad with elderberry balsamic vin 8

arugula salad with farro, almonds, egg, cucumbers, lemon-anchovy vin, pecorino 13

devil egg- spicy calabrian pepper spread, pickled carrots, herbs, olio nuovo 4

chicken wings tossed in house made hot sauce with side of fattoria dressing 8

-add roasted chicken or avocado to your salad for 3


**pizzas are offered in 12" and 14" sizes**

margherita- fresh mozz, heirloom tomatoes, tomato sauce, herbs 14/19

pepperoni, spicy calabrian pepper spread, tomato sauce 13/18

pesto, roasted tomatoes, herbs, ricotta 14/19

pizza add ons:
sausage 4/6
pepperoni 3/5
roasted chicken 3/5
arugula 2/4
fried egg 2
calabrian pepper 2/4
pepperoncini 2/4


TUESDAY: baked potato with bacon, sour cream, butter, scallions, pecorino 6

WEDNESDAY: fried chicken sandwich 10

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: meatball sandwich 11

FRIDAY: farmer's market pizza 14/19